Reduce Telephone Distractions

Reduce Telephone Distractions Phones can be a distraction. They can ring at the most inconvenient of times. If the caller is someone whom you do not wish to talk to, it is even more annoying. 'Stop, I don't want to hear this.' How many times will a cold calling salesman have heard that? Many probably, but perseverance is the name of the game for salesmen who earn large commissions from every successful sale because the basic pay is generally minimal.


The modern use of phones has transformed communication. The widespread use of mobile devices and the social media has meant that companies can get their messages spread far and wide instantly. They can also directly access potential sales targets.

Control yourself

It is not all good news. Companies and individuals can get themselves in trouble by the ill-thought-out use of modern technology. The law of the land still has penalties for those who commit crime and break the law, civil or criminal, which can be anything from libel and slander to causing an identifiable nuisance. Sometimes it needs a cool head. That is precisely what was lacking recently in the case of a professional footballer who failed to show that on the field of play and perhaps compounded the problem later in response to criticism.

He missed a penalty in a crucial game hitting wildly off target and subsequently hit out against criticism in a way that could lead to civil action by the target of his ire. It remains to be seen if there are any repercussions.

There may not be any process in place for someone that decides to lash out in an irrational way; they will always have to face the consequences but many people are concerned about the other implications of the modern day communication systems. That is, the way people can make unsolicited calls that at best are annoying and at worst intrusive.

Control your calls

Everyone is happy when the phone rings and it is a friend or a member of the family on the other end. The problem is that increasingly it can be someone looking to sell a service or product; if this is your experience then you should look at the best system for blocking phone numbers. The best will already have a host of numbers that it will block and will be regularly updated as any new nuisance numbers are added to the database -- and subsequently blocked. You are not working alone because this is community call blocking -- people working together to block nuisance callers – a very effective method, harnessing the power of many people to ensure that all members are protected from known nuisance calls.

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